Technology Empowering the Makers Sphere

Why is technology so awesome? It almost seems like magic to some, while others are certain that it is magic and question whether it is a tolerable evil or the embodiment of the devil.

Technology gives man the ability to make almost anything by turning ideas into reality. Human knowledge has been crystallized and put at everyone’s fingertips. Technology means different things to different people and it is more awesome to some than it is to others.

We are created in the image of our creator. We have the ability to create with our thoughts. Technology empowers us to further the limits of what we can create through thought alone. These reasons are why I think technology is so awesome—because of what it enables us to do.

There is an entirely new culture of people called Makers. They exist in garages, dorm rooms, labs, collectives, blogospheres, create spaces, and shops. These are people that are constantly tinkering and thinking of new ways to use technology to make stuff. They are the artists of the new Renaissance and are leading a new method of innovation.

New DIY tools, 3D printing, fab labs, and microcomputer boards allow accomplished makers to explore the innermost realms of creative thought. It seems like we are only limited by our imagination and still have plenty of room to grow.

Mike Savage is one of the leaders of the makers sphere, and in the video below, he rants about why he loves being a maker.


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