We’ve Got a Connection Problem

This rant is just my opinion about one of the biggest problems my generation is facing. What’s the answer? Younger people in politics–duh! Take the debate online and see who can hang with the trolls, bashers, ranters, and flamers.

I recently read an article about how policymakers don’t understand the emerging workforce. It’s true that most politicians grew up without technology, so they don’t understand the current generation. Our leaders in Washington are disconnected!

What does this disconnect mean for us? It means we’re screwed. How are we supposed to carry-on our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, when lawmakers have no idea what those words means for us. We could all call our representatives, write our leaders in Washington, and make our dreams and concerns clear, but everyone knows that doesn’t work. The gov’t is broken.

Past generations are programmed different for a different world–a slower world. Anyone over 50 has obsolete source code (Sorry, it’s just incompatible).

I’m not trying to be insulting or a dissenter, I’m just worried. I wouldn’t want my life support machine running on Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

If Harry Reid started his career in Data Processing, maybe I would be more inclined to trust him as a leader. When IBM was building mainframes and my dad was fixing Xerox machines, Harry was building a career in politics–no time for technology.  Reid’s boyhood home was a shack with no indoor toilet, hot water or telephone. That’s admirable, but I just can’t relate. My boyhood home had a 386 with a 9600 baud modem.

I’m sure John Boehner is pretty smart, but he got a bachelors degree in business when people were still using type writers, slide rulers, and abacuses. Now people graduate with business degrees in information systems and become web developers.

Generation gaps in the past have been less serious because the world moved at relatively the same pace. Now everything is hyper-connected, instant, with every answer in our pocket. We’re dumbstruck watching these old codgers trying to understand the world today. It’s like watching our parents on Facebook.

It’s pretty sad when our gov’t can’t even launch a website properly. Now everyone under 35 is laughing at them. I built my first website twelve years ago in 10th grade. It was amazing.

Do you agree? Disagree? Leave a comment, start a flame war. What kind of Internet Troll are you?


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