I Wanna Sell Desks

I started this article while I was sitting, but noticing the irony, I moved to my standing desk

On Thanksgiving, I was golfing with a friend who sits at a desk all day in his state job. He is an athletic guy who gets plenty of exercise, but I worried about what sitting all day was doing to his general well-being. He is not the only person I know who has to work at a desk, and it makes me sad that they have to sit all day.

I’ve always thought I would be a good salesman if I found the right product that I believed in. Lately, I have been recommending standing desks to people even though I have not yet purchased one myself. I built one out of a milk crate and phone books.

I have a really awesome desk. It’s vintage. My dad’s dad built it well before I was born. The craftsmanship is excellent and it’s really light. My dad put wheels on it a few years ago before I sweet talked him out of it. I have another sitting desk in my living room, so I wanted to use my grandfather’s desk as a standing desk without physically modifying it. I put the keyboard and monitor on top of an overturned milk crate, and I used phone books to elevate my mousing surface. This idea was one of my better life hacks.

Balancing my work between standing and sitting (in 2 different rooms) has doubled my productivity. I feel more creative and active when I’m on my feet, yet I’m more attentive and better at multi-tasking while sitting (in front of a 30 inch screen above regular screen). I also have a six foot piece of bamboo that I stretch with while standing, and I can lean on it.

Since dividing my time between standing and sitting, my back, neck, and shoulder pain has reduced drastically and my standing posture has greatly improved.  I like to help people whenever I can, and I feel like convincing someone to use a standing desk will add years to their life and improve their general well being.

If I can make a few backs while making people’s lives better, that’s a double bonus. Now I just have to see whats out there that I can resell. Any suggestions? First stop–Amazon!


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Sell Desks

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