What is a Blog?

The term ‘Blog’ is and abbreviation for ‘ Web Log.’ The use of blogs has evolved over time and their relevance has gone up and down.

The original purpose for blogs was to provide a platform for users to post material and updates for a targeted audience of readers and subscribers. It gave everyone the opportunity to have their own information column or interest publication. Many Internet stars were made during the early days before the blogosphere became saturated.

Now blogs are repositories for content that is used to be posted on other platforms like social networking sites, RSS feeds, community aggregates, and other blogs.

Even though this site has spent half the year silent, it is still a blog–whatever that means.

What’s a blog to you?


WordPress Wednesday Atop Megabus

I am writing this blog post from the top level of a Megabus! That’s right. WiFi on this bus is working, and I think this trip shows that Megabus finally fixed their Free WiFi Fail.

I’m a bit of a wanderlust, so I was thrilled when Megabus began offering services in Reno. I have taken a few trips since they came out west, but the Internet connection has been extremely poor if I was able to connect at all. When I experienced free WiFi and power outlets on buses back east, I was amazed and delighted! I imaged myself cruising the country by bus while working remotely from my laptop. I could start the Interstate Coworking movement!

Now that I am able to maintain a solid connection during the entire trip from Reno to the Bay Area, the remote abilities and coworking possibilities are endless!

Please share your Megabus experiences in the comments section. Would you be interested in a mobile coworking meetup?

Strike Two – Double Fail!

As a blogger, I completely failed April and May. The best excuse is no excuse.

I am still very much into this tech blog thing, and I foresee a much more productive June. Just going into my WordPress dashboard and clicking publish on all my drafts would provide plenty of content.

I have a lot of fun new stuff to write about, and it is an exciting time to be living in the Techie Meadows. Send me some inspiration through some comments.

I almost single-handedly redesigned Windows 8.1 Update. Think of what this blog could do next!

Blogging is hard. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it is easy. Consistency pays off–it’s about the only thing that does. Don’t hit delete or save. Click that publish button.

Don’t forget to include an image!


WordPress Wednesday from the Road

Today I find myself using the WordPress app on my device while a travel over the mountain to Sacramento.

I feel compelled to write about the way the user experience paradigm for technology has shifted to an app-based, mobile preferred model. This observation is true for casual tech users who primarily enjoy the benefits of staying connected, but power users still require a full keyboard and large display.

As I write this, I do not feel like I am composing a proper post with links and pictures and references. Typing with my thumbs greatly limits my ability to view the entirety of what I write, and it is a process to include links and media.

The keyboard takes up most of the screen, auto-correct is messing with me, and did I mention that typing with my thumbs is awkward? This app is useful to do stuff in WordPress other than composing a new post.

Also, there is no word count when composing in the app, so I am just going to end here because I have already lost one draft of this post. The app does not do a good job with auto-save. This rant is mostly to avoid strike 2 while doing a light review of the WordPress App. I already got Strike 1 last month.

Hello World!

It’s fascinating how such a simple phrase which is likely to have been uttered in different context throughout human history has now become, and ever will be, typecast to computer programmers, tech types, and general geeks. In every programming language and development platform, there is a lesson plan that starts with creating a Hello World file–an exercise that allows the creation of something that announces itself to the world.

My first Hello World program was written in Q Basic. Next, I introduced myself to Visual Basic. In college, I wrote Hello World variations in machine language hexadecimal, binary, C++, C#, and Java. Since then, I have dabbled in Python, Java Script, and PHP. I guess since WordPress uses PHP, then this is technically a PHP exercise, but I have never done a Hello World post for any of my other WP sites.

I have considered creating my own tech blog for a couple years, but I could not decide which platform, format, or field to focus in. The ambition to create a site with thousands of unique viewers and visitors is not there, and too many great tech sites and blogs already exist on the world wide web. My only goal for this site is to write. The best course to follow seems to be no particular course at all, so the content of this blog will consists of indiscriminate, often incoherent, editorials etc.

This blog, being the random ramblings of just another techie in the Age of Information, will adhere to the convention of most generic guides for geeks, so as we begin the first chapter of the Network n8 blog, the first writing exercise is appropriately a simple ‘Hello World!’

Maybe I should be introducing myself in this post and writing about my history and experience in tech, but I’ll save that for another topic. This post is just to let my new tech blog say hello to the world.

-n8’s New WP Blog