Is this a blog?

In response to the question I posed at the end of my previous post What is a Blog?, I wanted to expand on my idea of what a blog is to me, or at least what this blog is to me.

It can be a tool for someone to use to get to know me before they know me or to get to know me better after knowing me. Maybe it could help someone decide if they even want to get to know me. At the very least, it is a way for me to exhibit my writing style and skills and provide a context for people to get to know me and connect. If connecting with people is ultimately a theme for this blog, then I have been failing at it because it was recently pointed-out to me that I never included contact information.

I have always been reluctant to put my email address out there on the web because I know how spammers crawl the web looking for email addresses to bombard with useless data in the form of advertisements, junkware, and scams. My solution for now is to put a twist on the universal email format to safely allow readers to see me email address.

You can contact me at netn8^ Do you see what I did there? I replaced the @ operator with a ^ symbol. I could have also used asterisk. Does netn8* look better to you? Do I even need to add the .com? How’s netn8^outlook? Either way–at least I don’t have to worry about bots mining my email address for a while.

As content creation continues to constantly and consistently be a part of my professional life, I need a place when I can exercise creativity on my own accord. Using this blog as a sound board and place for writing practice is a topic that I will save for another day.


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