Web 2.0 and the Organic Internet

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a term that was coined a few years ago to describe what the new web development languages and platforms were doing to shift the paradigm of our online experience. At the time, people didn’t know how the Internet would evolve and mature.

Years later, now, we can look back and see what we’ve done with these new capabilities, and we also have a much better idea of how we will continue to better utilize and monetize the tools of today’s Internet.

I like the term Web 2.0 because we really are experiencing a new generation of the Internet. It’s grown-up and matured some—just like me 😉

I also like using a term that I think better describes what it is about this new web that makes it different. This is a much more Organic Internet.

 Why is it more organic? Because people are more integrated (or assimilated) with it in their day-to-day lives. It is a much more natural experience online these days, and we intuitively use it to stay more connected. We have social media to thank for that.

As posts for this blog start to roll in, we may see a lot of discussion about Web 2.0 and the Organic Internet. The World Wide Web has become a conduit for human culture, an instantaneous conductor of social energy, and a world-shrinking platform that has also crystallized the entirety of human knowledge and made it available to everyone through the tips of their fingers.


2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and the Organic Internet

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