The Future of Streaming Online Content

While browsing through my Twitter feed, I saw this tweet from @MashableReport: Netflix and YouTube Account for Half of Internet’s Traffic 

These are some impressive stats, but what do they mean? The report gives the numbers. It does not expand upon the implications for over half of internet traffic going to streaming video content.

Last week I watched the first ever Youtube Music Awards. It was a pretty good show, and I thought it was innovative to make the live performances into live music videos. I didn’t care much for most of nominees in the various categories, and I think they could be more creative with the categories. Next year will be better.

I made a profound realization while watching the show. Most of the Internet Generation does not remember when MTV played music videos instead of scripted reality television. When MTV stopped playing music in the mid 90s, they left a vacuum in the music industry. Why did MTV stop playing music? I dunno, and I don’t really care; I just know it was a mistake. Here is discussion on Reddit with a link to a funny video if you wanna know more: a_simple_answer_to_why_mtv_doesnt_play_music

The realization I made while watching the YTMAs was that Youtube is now stepping-up to fill the hole in my heart that I’ve had for over fifteen years. Music videos are making a comeback. Artists are figuring-out that a great video can make a good song into a huge hit. Do you think Blurred Lines would be so popular if Robin Thicke never found Emily Ratajkowski?? I love her, and I like that song because it makes me think of her.

Youtube is a better platform than MTV ever was because it’s ‘organic’. Real people watch the videos they like. Executives in boardrooms and expensive suits aren’t deciding what gets played. Popularity is measured in views, not dollars. As high-speed internet becomes standard and people prefer streaming their entertainment, the viewers are taking control of what they watch and when. Soon will be gone the days of network studio heads and producers deciding what you watch and at what time. With smart TVs, streaming apps and services, network enabled Blue Ray players, Apple TV, and gaming consoles, who needs to pay for television service?

The future of streaming online content, entertainment, and media is in the hands of the users. The people are taking back television! It’s much, much easier to produce and distribute shows online. We’re seeing a bunch of rising stars on Youtube that had a good idea and took the initiative on their own accord to create something to entertain the masses. Now it’s finally possible for hit new shows and sitcoms to be made in a basement with a small budget and great writing. Entertainment is becoming an art again instead of a corporate polished piece of shit.


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